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NANA Biography

NANA is an electronic music artist and occasional vocalist. Her DJ sets are a mixture of groovy broken beats, pulsing house and techno compositions with rhythmic sound contractions.
Through a regular stream of good podcasts and videos, she quickly was discovered by talent scouts of Ibiza Club News, Wunderground and The Daily Moo, where she was lucky to bring her on the next level into music.
Since the very beginning of her childhood, her mother took home video tapes with the TOP charts in the 90s, where techno and hip-hop culture boomed. As a young girl she always imagined being a part of these video clips and go for music. It was the time, when her first headbanging was born.
NANA fell under the spell of house and techno music during the mid-’90s through radio. She grew up with Gigi D’Agostino waiting eagerly for the next release of the new “Future Trance” always in mind she had to record all the latest hits with cassettes to be up to date. The Walkman always a MUST HAVE in pocket!
Over the years she visited a variety of festivals, the techno culture has always been fascinating to her, she loved the music, the people, the flair. Each festival was a new musical inspiration for her, influenced by acts such as Loco Dice, Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones, Carl Cox, Peggy Gou, Hector Couto, Marco Carola and many more.
When talking about the latest music, friends knew the only source is NANA. Due to her great sense for music they never got disappointed. NANA is already showing signs of becoming professional artist as she embarks on her journey into music.