#2856 in World
#128 in United Kingdom
#965 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name MYLA

Real name Lenny

Country United Kingdom


MYLA Biography


* Performes on BBC Essex
* Featured on BBC (interview & dj mixes and remix played)
* Frequently performs internationally in many exotic destinations including Sri Lanka, France, Italy, Spain, America, Croatia and more
* Based in London and available to perform at events throughout the UK and worldwide


MYLA, originally from Holland, is a talented DJ and many times featured on the BBC. She has performed at many of London's top venues and all over the UK. Having performed at festivals, for big-name corporations such as Molson Coors and Robert McAlpine, at private parties for the owner of Champneys and at the biggest poker event in the UK (Dusk Till Dawn). MYLA has also travelled the world and performed in many exotic destinations such as Miami, Sri Lanka, Mallorca, La Palma, Italy, Croatia, France and more, performing at over 75 events per year.

She is known for her great ability to read the crowd and provide a stunning, energetic performance wherever she plays. DJ mixes of MYLA have been played on BBC Essex where she has also performed live and has been interviewed live during prime time about her career as a full time female DJ. Her remix of Malibu by Miley Cyrus has also been played by the BBC.