#89 in World
#2 in Malaysia
#13 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name MSPUIYI

Real name mspuiyi

Country Malaysia

MSPUIYI Biography

MSPUIYI is multi-talented personality ranging from talented international DJ producer, actress, singer, influencer, businesswoman, and many more. She is the first Southeast Asian lady with the fastest-growing social media with over 21 million followers on Instagram alone. Her devoted fans are worldwide like USA, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Southeast Asia. In less than a year debut, she charted FDJ LIST TOP 100 2022. Her first single "Men-Mory" receives one million Spotify streams and ten million views on her Instagram reels. MSPUIYI was featured in <UNBEATABLE> music video starring international super star Mike Tyson, Malaysian singer Gary Chaw. She became one of the top touring DJs of Asia. In less than a year, she has done over 70 shows and over 5 Music festivals like NYER Festival 2022, It’s the Ship 2023, Music Odessy 2023, and many more. She’s a born showman and playing hip hop, EDM, hard-style, techno, house music, trap and more. MSPUIYI is highly creative, versatile, and able to adapt to different styles and mediums. MSPUIYI are able to collaborate with other artists and professionals, bringing her various skills and talents to the table to create something truly remarkable. In 2023 alone, she spins for movie premiere after parties, celebrities after parties, grand openings and many more.