#995 in World
#27 in Italy
#272 in Europe

Djane info


Real name Monica Coppola

Country Italy


MOUNIQUE Biography

Originally from Naples, Monica Coppola aka moUnique, she moved to Barcelona in 2013 after graduating in Architecture.
She started her career as a DJ after attending the Plastic Academy.
Winner of the award for best electronic music DJ in the talent competition held in the Sala Apolo in January 2019.
She closed the Ultra Music Festival in Miami 2019 on the Lost Transmissions Stage.
She played in different clubs in Barcelona such as Sala Apolo, R33, Macarena, Adam Hall and in Ibiza(BORA BORA, SOL HOUSE, REDBULL CAR EVENT).
moUnique is now taking her first steps as a producer of electronic music.
She started clubber, still considers herself a clubber, and she will always maintain that vital link with the dancefloor.
As a child, parents and friends called her duracell for her inexhaustible energy, even today is one of the features that best represents this dj.
She falls in love with techno music when she was only 13 years old.
This love continues even today.