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#31 in Canada
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DJane name MOTO G PRI

Country Canada

MOTO G PRI Biography

DJ Moto G Pri has been involved in the music scene since 2008 and began her DJ career in the heart of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Her determination to further explore her passion behind the decks brought her from playing at local pubs, clubs and restaurants to playing at beautiful weddings, fantastic fashion shows, fun corporate events, charities, retail, birthdays, anniversaries, school dances and wicked parties of all sorts! She's made a few guest appearances on

The House Fm

as well as maintained her own weekly show "Radio Redline" on


where you could catch her on Thursdays between 4am to 6am. In her earlier days of DJ-ing, she provided music for the stadium during the homes games of the Canadian Women’s Lingerie Football League Season 1 at the AESC.

Each performance is unique as Pri’s talent for connecting with her crowd as it changes with every public venue or private function. Her sound is energetic and eclectic when it comes to making sets to debut her mixes online or for radio shows. She's an open format DJ who enjoys blending and bouncing tracks of all genres, whether it be from country to rap to house to Top 40; all the while maintaining consistency through her objective of delivering a “high energy set” throughout each performance. Many factors contribute to where a set will go, but the final product won’t be known - even to Pri - until the very end when it’s over.

Wedding planners and event co-ordinators find it a pleasure to work with her because of her practical down to earth attitude. She describes herself, with a smile, as “low maintenance” as she requires only the bare minimum please and thank you’s to enjoy with everyone an amazing and memorable event. She is genuinely interested in the success of all parties involved during her performances. As Pri’s popularity continues to quickly gain momentum, her reputation for consistency and artistry also continues to make its mark throughout the circuit scene.