#1592 in World
#40 in Mexico
#255 in North America

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DJane name MOON

Country Mexico


MOON Biography

Diane Fernandez aka DJ Moon and DJ for the renowned Label Zero 1 Music for have the finest quality PsyTrance artist like: GMS, Soundaholix, Wrecked Machines , M.A.C.K, Earthling, Paul Taylor & more..
Is one of the most sort after and successful DJ's to escape Mexico. She began her career as a DJ at 18 years in Guadalajara Mexico, and soon became very popular in her country, propelling her across the world thanks to her phenomenal presentations.

DJ Moon left Mexico to play and explore countries such as Brazil, Panama, UK, France, Holland, Austria, India, Japan and more, playing for big audiences at events and festivals such as Glastonbury, Glade Festival (UK), Universo Paralello, 303, Soulvision, Samsara (Brazil), Life Festival (Ireland), Elec3city, Solaris (France), PsyStation (Austria) , Solar Vision , Equinox (Mexico) , TribalGathering (Panama),Russian Xmas Party (Goa India), Round of night (Japan), Waveform Festival, Sunrise Celebration, Return to the Source London, Twisted Record Shpongle Afterparties, Halcyon @ Matter 02 Arena London and many more.
In July 2014 Dj Moon release her compilation ¨Matter is Magic¨ on Zero1Music. Available Digital at Beatport & Itunes:

Dj Moon starts her music production career under the name Adalamoon who has few single Release on labels like Zero 1 music and Geomagnetic Records.
 Now her most recent project is SPECIAL M (live act) produce and write by Dj Moon and MACK (Brazil) whit very futuristic sound of progressive trance.