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#96 in India
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DJane name MONICA

Real name Monica

Country India


MONICA Biography

I am a DJ, I get the Party Started. A Music Producer.An Architect, An Artist, A Graphic Designer.DJing is a key to touch the Sky. Winner of the War of DJs..
DJ Monica is a clubbing soul, a Hip-Hop die heart fan, extremely hardworking, crazy free soul from Mumbai, India. DJ Monica got into DJing to fulfil her lifelong dream of sharing her kind of music to the world. She adds her own style to Bollywood with a touch of Commercial and EDM. She believes that melodic rhythms and enthralling vocals creates great tracks and she starts with dreamy Progressive, Commercial and EDM leading head-banging, fist-pumping record break Bellwood and Pop Punjabi.
She won multiple wars of DJs & honed her skills from DJ Institute since 2000, one of the very old DJ school in Mumbai. DJ Raj Mumbai is her guru, who is a celebrity Bollywood DJ, since 16 years in DJing industry and is known internationally as well as in India for his Bollywood Remixes.
She highly inspires & admires Dj Rink. Her other inspirational supplies are DJ Nucleya, DJ NYK, DJ Akhtar,
Dj Paroma, Martin Garixx, Skrilexx,David Guetta and Dj Snake. She keeps her life multifaceted, she is an Architect with a Master’s Degree in Construction Management. As well as she is a great artist by birth & true love for music, this passion for music she has had even before thought of starting a DJing career. Someday, she hopes to play at her own Music festival.