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DJane name MODIR

Country United Kingdom


MODIR Biography

Lover of creativity is all its aspects... having grown up through early Motown, Funk and Soul and then influenced by early eighties Hip-Hop sound systems.
Musically, my early education was at Wasp Factory, Alpha, Positivity, D.I.Y, Spiral Tribe, Lazy House, Yikes, Tonka Hi Fi, Cultural Vibes, and Dance Planet gatherings and living on the south coast of Spain in super clubs that included Penelope, Pacha, Alkatraz, UFO and Star Garden with many hours working/playing out in fields and clubs around South West
I venture broadly but tend to land back squarely into the centre of the underground house sound and just love it there.
I play to the crowd every time and just love to see you lot getting on a phat base line!