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Real name Alafair Mc Dowall

Country South Africa


MissyPleX is something of a musical axiom, passionate for a variety of different genres in music across a hugely diverse spectrum of genres, but she always makes you dance..

In choosing not to define every detail of her musical journey, MissyPleX allows a space for new creativity. Each set is structured with a unique and different approach, however she always selects a distinctive sound ,with a well-defined notion and harmony to the musical spheres.

In the time of the world that we find ourselves in, music is the only thing that makes perfect sense. As the world becomes faster, more complex, more rife with nervous energy, the joy of listening to instrumental music that expresses both our external environment and our inner spaces is now more refreshing.

MissyPleX has selected music for relaxing the mind-set, or to challenge all with a new musical perspective. She describes this as music of moods, of environments, perhaps currently experiencing a moment of heightened awareness, offering calm and refuge from the 21st century storm.