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DJane name AMAVII

Country Germany

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AMAVII Biography

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden with Moroccan and Czech decent, she moved at a very young age to West Africa. Growing up in The Gambia, West Africa exposed her to people of various cultural backgrounds and exposure of travel. She has lived abroad for many years in The UK, California and now Sweden. All these factors enriched her taste and sound in music! DJ’ing (performing) is an entity she’s always aspired to be.

Bursting on the scene with fresh ideas, dynamic style and cutting edge sound - her passion for music is very promising! She has performed in major clubs all over Sweden that well-known artists by the likes of La Fleur, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Finnebassen and many more have played in. She has guested Ibiza, Copenhagen, Finland and different countries in West Africa. In June 2015, she was selected to play at Sweden’s largest festival; Bråvalla in Norrköping, where she performed alongside world renown artists such as Calvin Harris, Wutang Clan, A$AP Rocky, Robbie Williams, Deadmau5 and many more! In addition, she frequently broadcasts her mixes on various radio stations throughout Europe. She’s pushing her way in with all her passion and conning drive to reach exceeding heights in her music career, there’s no stopping her!

As unpredictable she is as a DJ, you cannot label her only as a DJ. Growing up from a colorful musical background with huge exposure to a fusion of sounds, this has a huge influence in the mixing of her electronic music. Furthermore, leading her into producing music- she is a vocalist and lyricist.

She gives her crowd a performance like no other- not afraid to break out of her comfort zone and breaking the barrier with her crowd. She loves to blend different genres of electronic music; the music she plays is very uplifting! Nothing is more fulfilling to her than to see the crowd dancing; in the mood that she creates. As an artist her music is her painting; it is a reflection of her mood. Her color is her theme; trying to captivate a certain element of design that will give it its own uniqueness and style!