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Country Canada


Don't take this domestic pussy cat for a mild mannered feline, as dj miss kittie pounces the world of dance.

This Toronto based mixed martial arts qualified dj adds feist to the club circuit. Clawing her way to credibility, kittie has shattered some of the UK's hottest clubs. Her 9 lives; electro house - funky house - deep house - classic house - hip house - tribal house - baltimore club - fidget house - booty house, have been the antidote to boogie avid hipsters.

Her reputation resonates off the speakers as your favorite dj's new favorite dj. The highly-flavored plea for miss kittie's party rocking antics continues to buzz through celebrity circles and underground rave spots.

From London to NYC, dj miss kittie is the new saber-toothed jump off, brace yourselves.


*Artists & Labels looking to service miss kittie. Please send your 320bit goods to [email protected]. 12" and Maxi CD singles are also accepted.

electro house, funky house, deep house, hip house, tribal, baltimore club, and ghettotech will be accepted.

NOTE: Even though miss kittie was raised on Criminal Minded, Paid In Full , Midnight Maruaders & 3 Feet High And Rising; we ask that rapper's need not service your Demo's.

This is a doggy dog world, but not for much longer. Keep it locked to the Modern Day Cleo: dj miss kittie!