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DJane name MiSS CHANNA

Real name Channa

Country Netherlands

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MiSS CHANNA Biography

One of the hardest female DJ’s in the Netherlands, Miss Channa knows how to turn heads, and keep them turned; locked in for a mesmerising auditory assault. Channa’s blend of genre intensity and dancefloor destroyers has landed her some incredible sets across the country and beyond. From tenacious techno to straight up hardcore, Channa brings raw, charcteristic energy to her lucky crowds.

As a producer and DJ, Channa creates unique music from the hard side of the dance scene with no restraint on vicious, unrelenting beat patterns.

Miss Channa began strictly in the hardcore scene, creating Hardcore and Frenchcore- bringing her sound to parties across the country. Channa moved on to techno and a wider variety of bass music as she continued to grow. Spreading and extending her musical knowledge into the deepest corners of the Netherlands, Channa is well known for her various approaches to 4×4 club heaters, unrelenting alien-esque synthesizers and ability to switch up the dance in an instant.

Channa had a musical touch since her early childhood but it wasn’t until 2017 that she went fully public with her talent, finally following her passion to the fullest and wandering down the winding path of musical mastery. Today, Channa’s music has even reached the airwaves of UK radio, whilst mostly bringing her sound to private parties across the globe.

Prestigious in the hard side of dnce music and incredibly well respected for her innovative touch beyond her audience, Channa is a force to be reckoned with behind any pair of DJ decks.