#2274 in World
#109 in United Kingdom
#747 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name MIMI

Country United Kingdom


MIMI Biography

DJ MIMI is a young and talented upcoming female tech-house/ techno DJ. She is based in the North-West UK, but her music style is rapidly attracting a large fan base stretching throughout the UK to Europe, Brazil and as far as the USA.
Within a year she has attained residencies with CQ Events and Locked down radio, performing in livestreams weekly and bookings are coming in fast.
Her signature underground beat reflects her inspiration from European Techno that is predominantly characterized by combining the hypnotic realms of techno with melodic house and emotive vocals & upbeat dance rhythms, creating an a force to reckoned with in the DJ world. She has rapidly gained a lot of attention from her impressive mixes, seamless building a growing audience gaining lots of attention bringing bookings all over the world.

MIMI is currently being managed by CQ ARTIST MANAGEMENT PROMOTIONS LTD.