#2187 in World
#27 in International Djane Based in China
#755 in Europe

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Real name Margarita

Country International Djane Based in China


MILLIGAN Biography

Bright ,young, talented Dj Black Eyes ,with years of experience in the club industry. Actively works with many styles of music. In many years of a successful career DJ, Dj Black Eyes made in the vast majority of the best clubs at the festival ,and other venues in Russia and China .Her tracks are played by huge number of DJs across the planet, and can be heard on top radio stations and various charts.Worked on one stage with many artists of show business.
A big part of BlackEyes uniqueness is a great mixing and mashuping skills? a fresh sound? a great combination of different music styles and genres?? such as EDM,TRAP, FUTUER BASS, BASS HOUSE,ELECTRO HOUSE.
Having built his legacy on the solid foundations of perseverance, devotion and eternal love for music, it is not surprising that BlackEyes has become one of the most popular girls DJs. Rising to international fame, BlackEyes has won the industry by securing its position in the world of dance music, is a regular guest of Djane Mag tour, Budweiser, Heineken, Music festival, Headliner clubs such as M2, THE ONE, 020, True Color, MODEL CLUB, D. A. D MUSIC STATION and others.
Her magnetism on stage is mesmerizing, as she never ceases to leave the crowd of people around the world in complete awe. However, don't be fooled by its striking beauty BlackEyes aren't afraid to create a battlefield on the dance floor!