#312 in World
#12 in Taiwan
#55 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name MILKII

Real name Kao Chia Yun

Country Taiwan

MILKII Biography

Starting out as a dancer, DJ Milkii has an exceptional stage charm and a strong rhythmic sense. As a DJ, every time she appears on the stage, she takes the crowd on an unforgettable journey. Her experience covers many major clubs and events, as well as being the go to performer at many major company events.
In her early days, her music style started as EDM and Big Room, but in recent years, Milkii has fallen in love with the bright and joyful atmosphere of House, and thus begun to expand into tech house, deep house, progressive house, and melodic techno.
Milkii hopes that her music will bring happiness to everyone, so that they can dance, relax and enjoy the beauty of life together through music.