#2274 in World
#40 in Malaysia
#634 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name MIHO

Real name Miho Ng

Country Malaysia


MIHO Biography

MiHO is born and raised in Ipoh City Perak, Malaysia. She has been a DJ since year of 2013; her passion to the night scene was when she landed her 1st step to the DJ console under mentoring and tutoring from DJ Laze and few seniors DJ's and that is when she started to check out the music from a special side of view. She always try to develop right away to be comparable to other DJ's.

The genre music that she mainly focuses is House, Electro Dance Music , Hardstyle & Techno ETC. Besides that she willing to accept and try out any new or old music genre to improve her music knowledge. With MiHO's ability to survey the crowd's need, she hold the dance floor at her feet, giving partygoers taste of her unique and distinctive style.