Djane info

DJane name MCDJ

Real name Mariana Carvalho

Country Portugal

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MCDJ Biography

MCDJ (Lisbon, Portugal)

Matinée Group DJ Contest Winner 2016
KABARET | REPUBLIK (Madrid, Spain)
MADO 19 ORGULLO MADRID (Madrid, Spain)
MAGICAL PRIDE 19 (Disneyland Paris, France)
L’OMEGA (Nice, France)
PORTO PRIDE 19 (Oporto, Portugal)
MILKSHAKE FESTIVAL 18 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
LA LECHE FESTIVAL (Barcelona, Spain)
WE PARTY (Lisbon, Portugal)
FAIRYTAILS (Luxembourg)
LENOX CLUB (Luxembourg)
CASINO ESTORIL (Lisbon, Portugal)

Mariana de Carvalho A.K.A. MCDJ, started her career back in 2006 at private, public events and clubs all over country (PT) and others like, Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Italy.

Through the years she developed a unique capacity to amaze any type of crowd with her varied musical taste going from house, tribal house, progressive, circuit house, tech house, happy sounds or pop remixed.

In 2016, MCDJ won the worldwide DJ Contest from the renowned spanish brand Matinée Group. From 2017 to 2020, MCDJ starred at the Trumps Club – Lisbon, being the first female resident DJ in 40 years of club’s history.

MCDJ guarantees technique, sound quality and a lot of fun, for all types of events and night clubs.