#2807 in World
#67 in India
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DJane name MARIA J

Real name Karishma Maria Johar

Country India


MARIA J Biography

DJ Maria J Dubai
Taking absolute pride in been a Model then Cabin Crew and now DJ,she has proved to the World that a women can do anything if she has made up her mind. She has definitely come a long way and climbed the ladder of success, not to forget, always being thankful to her fans for their love. Having performed in countless nightclubs,brunches,yacht parties,private parties and even UK's online radio station having her own Show, she has gained immense popularity through her work.Deejaying has become her soul and seems like they have a long journey together.She is an Open format DJ, but excels in all genres of House and loves to mix up things to give it a twist.Was based in UAE now travels for 3-6 month contracts to different countries.Stay tune up see where she goes next in her life as a DJ.