#1820 in World
#49 in Netherlands
#535 in Europe

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Country Netherlands



Miss Sugaware possesses that unique blend of style and skill. Beneath her sensuous and stunning exterior, she is one of the most talented female DJs in the Dutch dance scene. Her charisma and striking outfits mean her appearance is always top class, and her music is solid and sexy to match. This girl is going far in 2012 and beyond.

As a little girl Mari Sugawara (born 16 May 1981) was hooked on performing, singing and dancing. Her love and passion for music grew with her advancing years. She has a genuinely unique combination of Japanese/Polish roots, and this uniqueness can be heard in her amazing sets. This individual artist has the talent and experience to commence with deep and soulful house music, progressing through to tech and full-on vocals, culminating in banging BigRoom sounds.

Miss Sugaware shows her diversity as a member of one of the performing members of the female DJ team 2MuchLipstick. In this act she plays eclectic sets, mixing up R&B, hiphop and classics alongside pop & house.

Miss Sugaware has played all the big venues in Holland and internationally. She was also invited by clubs in Croatia, Dubai, Indonesia, Spain, Curacao and many other far-flung countries. With her everlasting smile and radiant sexiness, femininity and distinctive dresses, she is set to go far.

As a resident of the GOLDEN nights in the Escape Amsterdam, Miss Sugaware provides the audience with her bigroom sound on a monthly basis. With her residency’s at the Harbour Club and the Oyster Club she also knows how to address a smaller audience.

She now teamed up with ‘Let’ play music’. A solid team of artists and producers that will take Miss Sugaware to a higher level.

Miss Sugaware is now unquestionably one of the leading ladies of the Dutch dance scene, bringing best, most stylish sounds to the club, dancefloor and to your ears.