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#106 in Australia
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Djane info

DJane name LUNAR

Real name Ebony Keegan

Country Australia

LUNAR Biography

Ebony Keegan, Melbourne DJ and Producer by the name Lunar inherited a love for music from a young age and has spent most of her live mainly playing piano but also experimenting with a range of other instruments as well as song writing.

Her discovery of psychedelic trance unraveled a strong desire for her to learn how to produce and DJ electronic music which very soon after was transformed into the birth of Lunar, (a DJ, producer and radio host) establishing herself as an edition to the psytrance scene placing her on some of Australia’s best stages including Rainbow Serpent, Esoteric, Earth Frequency, Elements and Babylon festival’s to name a few.

Her diversity in sound and eclectic taste in track selection has found her sets to be anything from downtempo psychedelic glitch-hop to more grooving, melodic day time progressive sounds and during the night creating an circus on the dance floor with her energetic full on psytrance sets. Many refer to her as “the little lady with big sound”, a musical story teller and heart connecter.

This incredible five year journey sees only the beginning of Lunar’s vision to create and connect through music so you can expect a lot more moonlight and memorable moments to come on the dance floor!
Stay connected and have your eyes and ears peeled for upcoming news and tour dates!


27th Jan || Rainbow Serpent Festival // Victorian Bush, AUS
16th Feb || Earth Frequency Festival // QLD, AUS
25th Feb || Babylon Festival // Victorian Bush, AUS
10th Mar || Esoteric Festival // Victorian Bush, AUS
13th Apr || A.I Records present A.I Festival //Victorian Bush, AUS
5th May || The Town Festival // Victorian Bush, AUS
8th Sep || Phaxe SYD Tour // Sydney, Aus
14th Sep || State Forest Rescue present Fireworld // WA Bush, AUS
19th Oct Elements Festival // South East Queensland, AUS
27th Oct || Rainbow Serpent Festival present Urban Gathering // CERES, Melbourne, AUS
2nd Nov || Dragon Dreaming Festival // ACT Bush, AUS
30th Nov Elysium Festival // Melbourne, AUS
7th Dec || Wild Horses Festival // Victorian Bush, AUS

23rd Jan || Rainbow Serpent Festival //Victoria Bush, AUS
1st March || Seven Sisters Festival (Techno Set) // Victoria Bush, AUS
8th March || Esoteric Festival // VIC, Aus
12th Apr || Weapon Records Showcase Audiospazm EP Launch // My Aeon, AUS
19th Apr || Ergot Gathering 2019 // Victoria Bush, AUS
31 May || Lunar presents Lunars Eclipse ft Mandala (4 Years of Lunar) // My Aeon, AUS
10th Aug || 2 Years of Pranava // Ballarat, AUS
6th Sep || Industrial Jungle 4 // Victoria Bush, AUS
14th Sep || Fireworld // Western Australia, AUS
4th Oct || Division // Victorian Bush, AUS
18th Oct || Elements Festival // South East Queensland, AUS

8th Mar || Esoteric Festival // Victoria, AUS