#1606 in World
#139 in Indonesia
#481 in Asia

Djane info


Real name Lulu Spark

Country Indonesia


LULU SPARK Biography

From a young age Lulu Spark knew she wanted to be in the music industry.
During her years of schooling, She Learnt drums, guitar and many other instruments and also attending singing school she was destined to become musical superstar.

Her first Dj performance was Sky Garden Bali, a club based in Indonesia and rated number 59 in the world. Lulu worked there as a dance manager and having djed for sky garden special events in the past. She loved to watch the djs performing on the stage and giving joy to the crowd.

It was after 2 years later that she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in music and DJing. She sought the help of a well known dj from the Asian circuit named Skytek and together for the next 2 years during COVID Lulu learned to DJ as the headline djs they once watched.

Now she is taking the music scene in Indonesia by force and is not holding back! One thing is for certain, the sky is not the limit!