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Real name Lucia Schoefberger

Country Germany



LuciDream emits a profound exploration of the dualistic reality between light and dark, using a thoughtful and complex approach to her producing. She passionately integrates live piano elements in her sets, creating an expansive and vast space that awakens powerful emotions, inviting listeners to find healing and nourishment through the expressive language of dance.
Since relocating to Australia in 2018, LuciDream has made waves in the local music scene and performed at some of the biggest festivals in Australia including Elements (QLD), Earth Frequency (QLD), and Esoteric (VIC).
Her unique sound oscillates between a soft, expansive void of heart-opening melodies and delicate piano interludes, transitioning into harsher electronics and pulsating rhythms. This captivating and ever-evolving sonic odyssey challenges the notion of techno as cold and repetitive, instead offering a warm invitation to delve into the very essence of the genre.
Her transformative journeys serve as a portal to infinite possibilities, evoking a sense of lucidity and allowing the listener's mind to wander freely.