#3179 in World
#349 in Brazil
#493 in South America

Djane info

DJane name LU SANTOS

Real name Luciana Santos de Paula

Country Brazil


LU SANTOS Biography

Lu Santos Project was conceived in 2015 at the Dafirma studio, born in Goiânia-Brazil, had its debut in partnership with Portal Trance bookings and performed with the Dark Side project proving its talent in front of the CDJ, identified immediately with the mother of Djanes: Ekanta. In addition has direct influence of the beats of the big names of electronic music, such as Inê Goa, Moon, Vegas, Nevermind, Digital Culture, Kobot, Labirinto, Marios Makkar, Freakaholics, among others being in love with PsyTrance giving life and a lot of energy in hers precise and harmonics mixes. Lu Santos is constantly performing at major events like World Green, Illusion PVT, Festival Alternativo do Krant - FAK, Resurrection Underground, Egrégora PsyTrance, Psychedelic Backyard, Putz pvt, Tranceformation displaying a lot of personality and energy in hers performances thanks to her musicality and sympathy, winning a legion of fans wherever she goes. Lu Santos is multi versatile with her artistic bias also back to Rap. She is producing an innovative Rap with Psy Trance project bringing the vision of rhythm, poetry and a lot of psychedelia into her presentations.