#1601 in World
#16 in International Djane Based in China
#500 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name LOYA LI

Real name Vicky

Country International Djane Based in China


LOYA LI Biography

Loya is a Ukraine born DJ / Video Blogger based in China. Started her career in 2014 in China.
First city's where she performing was Guangzhou, Beijing,Chongqing,Kunming,Liuzhou,Shenzhen,Hohhot. Next 3 years she touring all around China as DJ.
In 2017 she back to Ukraine and start cooperate with Yats DJ. They play as live DJ project with live drums sound in some city's of Ukraine (you can see their live sets on YouTube).
In 2018 Loya & Yats immigrated to Poland and based in Katowice city. In Katowice city, she open her own Dj/Producer studio where she starting producing her music ideas.
From summer 2018 started play some clubs in Poland.