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DJane name LOKIENG

Real name Leong Lokieng

Country Macau

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LOKIENG Biography

As a Gen Z born DJ in Macau, @lokieng is particularly fond of electronic music when she’s small. She has been studying in the same DJ studio with PUINAM since middle school, and thus been invited as guest DJ by many nightclubs and even Electronic Music Association, whose potential should never been underestimated. With unique mixing skills, everyone do enjoy her diversified beat and full of youthful melody LOKIENG is still a student tho, she constantly puts effort on studying electronic music and engaging in DJ job, giving audience a special melody of Gen Z Come next Saturday for a surprise and crazy night!

Lokieng 是在澳門本地較為少數的千禧後DJ,並在中學時期在Dewdeal Studio DJ工作室學習,及後更被多家著名夜店和電子音樂協會邀請當特別嘉賓,及後更被DJANETOP發掘於2021年提名,現時排名亞洲#25,可想到她的實力一點也不像千禧後。其獨特的混音技巧能令在場每位感受到多元化的節拍以及充滿年輕的旋律,雖然LOKIENG現在還是一名大學生,但她亦不斷鑽研電子音樂以及從事DJ的工作,為大家帶來千禧後的特別旋律