#184 in World
#4 in Russia

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DJane name LITCHI

Country Russia

LITCHI Biography

MashUp Diva dj Litchi

Mixing different styles of music from hip hop to house,edm depends on people mood, using samples and acapellas in her sets with microphone skills Litchi makes unique mashUP show and unfogettable perfomance!

During 7 years of her career she invited her own style of mashup, which will impress and move as an experienced music lovers and discerning party people.
Rocking dacefloors all over the world:
-Holi Colors Festival (Mexico) https://youtu.be/I2jbDoM6gHY
-Arschot music festival (Belgium)
- Beat Beach Festival (Bahrain)
- Green Sensation Festival (Romania),
Dubai, France, Italy, Finland, Swiss, Greece, Cyprus, Mauritius, Indonesia, Oman, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Mongolia, China, Egypt, Philippines,Tunisia, India ect..