#3017 in World
#2 in Norway
#1002 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name LISEO

Real name Lise Olsen

Country Norway


LISEO Biography

Growing up in a disco-loving family with ancestry of the Arctic Sami mysticism crossed with Polish vodka & accordion, has left its mark on Lise's electronic feel and playful beats.

Lise has an eclectic taste in music and has a love for many genres. Like a chameleon she naturally blends into many different locations and styles. She intuitively chooses songs while she plays and aims to create a vibe for the audience to dance and enjoy. The genres flow freely within house, edm, disco and pop and before you knew it you were in a new delicious dance song…

She has experience in playing in clubs to fashion/lifestyle events in Asia and Europe. Played for big events for Dior, Hermes, Hennessy, Moet & Chandon and Tiffanys to name a few. Currently she is based in Oslo, Norway working full time as a dj and producing music.