#2200 in World
#6 in Moldova
#746 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name LINA K

Country Moldova


LINA K Biography

• Moldavian born , China based Lina K. Growing up in an eclectic diet of techno and deep house provided by her young record collection, her roots have been cultivated during many years due to her passion for electronic music, developing a deep understanding for it.
• She has become highly requested in many venues in Shanghai as well as fashion showcases like DKNY and Paul Smith , music festivals and events. She took part of the acclaimed Ying Yang Festival in 2014 hold in the Chinese Great Wall ,the best electronic music festival in China
• The crowd is always mesmerized by her flawless performances and music styles moving from deep house, tech house and techno. She truly devotes plenty of time to study and research new emerging artists and tracks.
• Nowadays Lina K is resident of the best afterhour club in Shanghai Celia. Being a regular fixture of Shanghai’s nightlife and club scene in venues such as: Reel To Reel and, 10 Corso Como , Elevator , Bar Rouge , URVC The Mansion, Amber Lounge, Downtown, Celia Arkham, Dada, Z –Lounge. Lina K has shared stage with local and international artist/producers such as , Drunking Kong , Go Hiyama , Roman Poncet ,Shin Nishimura , Answer Code Request, The Yellow Heads , D-Unity , Shinedoe , Julia Govor, Electric Rescue , Absorbed
• Lina K is currently organizing her own monthly event named Techno Train, at the moment more 36 editions have been successfully made, with a huge recogni:on and great feedback from music lovers. After a great tour which start in 2015 all around China Techno Train become well known in such a place like TAG (Chengdu ) , Echo Bay ( ChongQing) , Nuts Live House ( Chongqing), Unitt (Qingdao ), PCP (Nanjing) , 9 club (Hangzhou ) , Lantern (Beijing) , Vervo (Kunming ), Ad Lib Hits (Ningbo), Wuhan Prison (Wuhan), Loopy (Hangzhou), Mono House (Nanjing), Ad Lib Hits (Ningbo)