#147 in World
#1 in International Djane Based in China

Djane info

DJane name LE BLISS

Real name Karolina Smirnova

Country International Djane Based in China


LE BLISS Biography

Le Bliss is an international EDM DJ born in Ukraine. Her career has started in 2009 and she was soon invited to play in the best clubs of Ukraine. For several years she performed her amazing sets on Ukrainian and East-European platforms. Since her first steps in career Le Bliss was inspired by EDM, and her tastes remain unchanged. She prepares her sets as a well-balanced cocktail, mixing festival BIG ROOM and melodic PROGRESSIVE HOUSE with ELECTRO HOUSE (to add some drive!) and a spoonful of BREAK.
In 2012 Le Bliss went on her China Tour. She was the first DJ to bring BIG ROOM to the country. In 2015 Le Bliss started her two-years-long cooperation with Budweiser: until 2017 she was official Budweiser DJ! Their first joint project was a spectacular “VIBE CLUB TOUR”, which Le Bliss brought to numerous cities and high-class clubs in Central China.
In the beginning of 2016 Le Bliss introduced the novelty from Budweiser - BUDWEISER EDM BUS (special double-decker bus for parties and events with DJ Place on the second floor). BUDWEISER EDM BUS TOUR (X-ERA PARTY) started right after that: Le Bliss traveled across China, presenting novelty to the world! She also took part in series of parties from MIX TAIL! At the end of 2016 Le Bliss was invited to Hong Kong for CORONA SUNRISE FESTIVAL. She was headliner of this big and glorious event!
Over 5 years in China, Le Bliss has become a demanded DJ. People want to see and hear her on fashion shows, events, cars exhibitions (Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mini Couper, Porsche, BMW, Harley Davidson, Maserati). She also played on corporative events for Samsung Galaxy, WeChat, M-Space, TreeSixty Group, Top King world series, Pearl River bear, Blue Girl Bear, Sun Mig Light, Butterfly become legendary, 37.com, Wanda Plaza, Red Bull.
Le Bliss’s unique style has manifested itself in her performances. She is not only a professional DJ with great taste for music, but also her own costume designer. During her shows Le Bliss’s image is a beautiful addition to her stunning music.
Le Bliss headlined many festivals in China and Asia. This year she goes on a new tour with “CORONA SUNRISE” and Budweiser World cup Fifa 2018!
In 2017 she has already participated in the world ranking of Top 100 Female DJ’s Djane MAG. In 2017 LE BLISS was #"18 in DJANE MAG China Top 20 international DJANE! Currently Le Bliss is one of the most demanded and popular EDM DJ’s in China and Asia! She is currently working on her debut EP which will be released on one of the largest record labels. Among her plans is also a big Tour across Asia in Summer, 2018