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DJane name LANA

Real name Lana Gadzhis

Country Australia

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LANA Biography

Born into a musical family, Lana spent her formative years listening to her father write and create music whilst finding her own passion through the guitar. The years of learning classical guitar led her appreciation for all sorts of musical forms until the club bug infected her in her mid-teens, setting her off on a musical journey in which she has devoured house music in Melbourne’s club scene. Her passion for the music translates each and every time she gets up behind the decks. The energy she brings to the room leaves her audience feeling connected, embraced and excited. Currently resident at Baroq House, Secret Garden, The Osborne
and the at the infamous Brunch Affairs parties throughout
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Bali. Lana has also played at iconic Melbourne venues such as Greenfields, Club 23, The Emerson, The Albion, St Hotel, The Aviary Crown, Village Belle. With a passion for fashion, Lana has cemented herself as the go to DJ for brands such as Mecca, Sportsgirl & Myer not to mention her musical ambassador role with cult label Misha collection.