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am Erica, I come from the French Alps and I spent all my youth in the mountains, listening to a lot of music. My first musical love are oriented Rock and Hiphop, but later I was in a lot of free party, which gave me the desire, around 2000, to put me in the mix, with the drum n'bass and the hardtek of that time. For years I stayed in the living room to train and dance with friends in very small parties.

Then comes the period when I came to the Fine Arts school (in Annecy), and I become the dj of my school. It's the friends from there who were my first audience, but it's also in this school that I built myself a real artistic identity, assumed my choices, analyzed the music, knew the concrete music and understood what I was doing. .

I then went to live in Lyon, where I began to mix in public, more professionally. At that time, in 2008, the Traktor sound card came out, and allowed the DJ to expand their selection. I who for years tried to mix Beatnuts or Massive attack with amen break, it opened me largely the way to finally assume a very eclectic style: it is in the first partys organized by me (Bounce da ass ), to the mythical Fée Verte Lyon that I could develop these ideas: to make party or cross electronic ghetto styles like afro-house, new jersey, footwork, funk carioca or kuduro. I was able to invite great artists (Max Le Daron, Kaptain Cadillac ..) and make me known in this city, and so play a lot. It is at this moment that I understand that I would remain an eclectic and technical Dj.

Since then, I have not stopped swinging between style that I love: the hiphop and bass of my debut, but also the music "electronic ghetto" around the world, the Beat in general, all that groove , do not turn 4x4 and fire the dancefloors: Arabic music, Brazilian, African, breakbeats, the list is long, while staying on a DJ approach, that is to say where the mix technique is important to me Very much.

In 2012, I decided to move to Montreal, city that opened me to other currents, and in which I had already done an Erasmus in 2008. Then, I went to Brazil, where I took the slap of my life musically, and this country has reconciled me with acoustic music. Samba, bossa, MPB in general are styles I've become addicted to since, in which I stuffed my head and I can not get out. The same year, I met Lau with whom I mounted the association "Wicked girls", with the ambition to put the current women Global beats on stage. Through this association, we organized parties, between Clermont Fd, Lyon and Marseille. Today we are happy to have a quarterly residence at the Maison Mére de Lyon, as well as at the Cabaret Randé in Marseille. With this project, we invited girls and I played with them, for example, in a Magic Mirror in Clermont (2012), on the extra sound Love Love Livestation (2016 to au.), On the roof terrace of the fallow of the Belle de Mai, among others.

Since 2015, I live in Lisbon, I have played in Canada, Brazil, Israel, Algeria, in big festivals as much as in smaller parties but where the human warmth was strong. I remain a DJ both local and global, because I mixed a lot in the places where I lived, while keeping small and local scenes, knowing the actors of the cities where I invested myself. Today, and for the last 3 years, I have a monthly residence in the excellent place Casa Independente of Lisbon, where I invite monthly local heroes as well as passing friends. Another project that is close to my heart, since 2017 I record a monthly podcast of one hour of Brazilian music (between jazz, bossa, electronic music too) for Radio des Alpes: Radio Meuh. This project keeps the fire of my passion for Brazilian music alive.

Outside the mix, I am a girl passionate about languages ​​and cultures, and I am a French teacher for foreigners in business, profession that I practice since 2012 and who also made me traveled, meet great people and allowed to master several foreign languages, including Portuguese. This passion for languages, intercultural reflection, leads me in 2019-2020 to enter the Linguistics Doctorate, at the University of Brussels.