#1029 in World
#22 in Colombia
#163 in South America

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Country Colombia



After years of musical knowledge, an exploration of sounds from rock and have played different musical instruments, KRISS SALAS achievement translate their love of music through the turntables in 2002 when her DJ career starts
In the beginning, the house music was her school, hand great mentors and artists of the electronic scene in Colombia.
After living a few years in New York, she met industrial and futuristic sounds, rhythms and hypnotic repetitive sequences; Techno sounds that were heard daily on the streets of this city and to deepen and study techniques, genres and new musical elements , led to a great artistic evolution.
From the old school , she managed to develop a high-level technique and musical knowledge , which understood by different analog formats and digital.
In her career as an artist, KRISS SALAS has traveled to several countries of America, where each club has become present, has had the opportunity to have put into energetic and professional scene and a great connection with the audience.
A few years ago she dabbled in music production, where she found an excellent means to realize her passion; experimenting techniques and sounds, she has managed to shape their first tracks, which are already available on the market under the labels REFLUXED Records, Al3movement, Default Series, NÓTT Records, and more...