#2824 in World
#24 in Belgium
#951 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name KELLY

Country Belgium


KELLY Biography

Kelly is a young DJ coming from east of Belgium, her taste for music made her decide to make it her passion. Her influences range from electro to house, as well as club and commercial music, which allows her to reach a large audience. Her only goal is to be known and to improve, to share the emotions that music gives her by making the audience discover the style of music she likes. She touched her first turntable at age 15; in 2010 she decided to keep her firstname (Kelly) as her artist/DJ name. After many private parties, she started mixing as a warm in her local area/region. Since then, she has quickly improved and is now mixing in many parties and night clubs. She has also been given the opportunity to be one of Fun Radio Belgium’s resident Djs.