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KELLY ROSS Biography

Kelly is born in the Netherlands as Kelly Knol on the 15th of may 1989.
From the moment she could walk she would be dancing and making music.
When she turned 18 she already started her own entertainment agency.
In 2011 she won a reality tv show in the Netherlands.
Tv was fun but music was still her greatest passion.

About Kelly Ross

Out of curiosity she took a dj course a year later.
Not only did she love it, she was very good at it and from there it all went fast.
She was asked to perform at different venues in the Netherlands and had a summer tour in Spain.

Kelly soon decided to leave Holland and travel anywhere and everywhere.

She performed all over Europe from bars to clubs, as long as she could make her music and share it with the crowd.
As soon as she had seen Europe she went to live in Aruba where she performed at large Caribbean festivals.

From there she got to the USA where she till this day has a lot of work or as she would say play.
Her passion for music outgrew her and she is now also working really hard at becomming a producer.