#1341 in World
#38 in Ukraine
#385 in Europe

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DJane name KATY RISE

Country Ukraine


KATY RISE Biography

Katy Rise Booking: [email protected]

Katy Rise is Ukrainian rising Dj and producer. Since her childhood Music has always been a part of her life. It’s all started with playing the piano and as a DJ Her career started in 2016. Purely self-made and unstoppably she’s reaching the next levels ,but in Katy Rise’s career the best is yet to come.
She took all attention with her unique music taste,which she had represented on her exclusive live streams “Stay with Nature”on her YouTube channel and radio podcasts. Katy Rise became a part of PowerTv team as a resident of the“Woman Power” Dj live sessions. By 2020,she became a cofounder of the organizational musical movement "NATURE BEAT”. They’re representing parties/festival organizations , DJs ,sound&light installations.
2021 it’s the beginning of Katy Rise rising as Dj and Producer in Progressive House music. She took a step in with her “Elevation” tune and already had a big support from another famous DJs and Producers. She will occupy all the high positions on music top charts. Katy Rise is one of the most interesting and talented young artists names for this moment and the future of electronic music life.