#2824 in World
#4 in Morocco
#77 in Africa

Djane info

DJane name KATY M

Country Morocco

KATY M Biography

Katy M made a name for herself as the first female DJ in Morocco, although facing all kind of cultural challenges and obstacles, she was decided to start a DJ career with a lot of passion and dedication.

Katy M managed to soon become a national icon open-format Djane playing multi-genres from the Disco classics and French Touch to the latest hits but without losing her ability to play for different tastes.

That sounds like an exciting journey for Katy M! Pursuing her dreams and making a name for herself in the international music scene is no small feat. It sounds like she has already made some impressive strides in her career of almost 17 years by touring all around Morocco (Marrakesh, Casablanca, Tangier….), also in Europe especially in France and Italy and the Middle East in destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Egypt. It's impressive that she's now a resident DJ at international radio stations like "Chicago Sizzle Radio" in the USA and "Radio Djs Sound" in Nederland.