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DJane name KATJA

Real name KATJA

Country Sweden


KATJA Biography

Katja is an Artist DJ Producer who lives and breathes music. Her love is for electronic music with bass and dirty beats. As an international electronic DJ over 19 years. She has developed advanced technical skills, a sophisticated tight pulse of song choice. There is Harmonic mixing, energy boost mixing, beat-matching, cut mixing and live remixing and it's all done with lots of love, passion, musicality. Her mission is to always make the next song lift you up both spiritually and mentally so you can feel FAB on the dance floor. She's been diving into different genres over the years and knows how to make an eclectic mix of most genres but can of course also do more clean cut genres. All from commercial radio hits to underground techno. When Katja Gustafsson celebrated her 10 year anniversary as a professional party DJ she started to produce her own music. Which led to Touring Scandinavia with 2 dancers and 12 songs. She has released 6 singles. The music has been a mix of hip hop, pop and house music. Katja has written music for the soundtrack of the Swedish movie "Fan Club'' and also Pride Songs for Borås Pride and Värmland Pride. singles like S:t Eriksplan 2004, Believe and Stay A Little While will also be released on her first album to celebrate 20 years as a DJ. January 2021 Katja started DJ PRODUCER ACADEMY at Härnösand Folkhögskola which is a 2 year professional ARTIST DJ PRODUCER college education first of its kind in Sweden allowing students from all over Europe online to enter and learn the profession of a touring Artist DJ PRODUCER.

Katja has been resident DJ at numerous clubs around Europe and the US. And also been touring and travelling as a guest headlining DJ around the world. She began DJ-ing in 2002 and started professionally 2006 at big room dance floors (800-4000 personer) in night clubs, gay & queer clubs, festivals and pride parades with an audience up to 500.000 persons in cities like Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona, Florence, London, Hamburg, Oslo, Rome, Ottawa, Helsingfors, Munich, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Palma - Mallorca, Vienna, Fribourg (CH), Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto och Mexico City and so on. When not DJ-ing you can find her performing as an artist, making parties as an award winning party promoter, work as an actress, write movie scripts, write songs and loves to spread and teach others about the dj culture.