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DJane name KARA

Country United States


KARA Biography

Born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana, Dj Kara is an ambitious female Dj based in LA, serving the Greater Los Angeles Area. Starting at a young age, Kara has always been passionate about music, and her excitement for music continued through college as she attended Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana, studying Business Management at the Krannert School of Business.

During college Kara started to get more involved with the creative side of music, through music production and creation. She would make music and collaborate with her aspiring musician friends. Through the experience of creating music, Kara learned that she might be interested in the complementary craft of DJing. A few years later, after graduating Purdue University with a Bachelors degree and transplanting to sunny Los Angeles, Kara decided to finally give it100% and take on the world of spinning on the 1's and 2's.

Early in the process of Kara taking on the skill she came across a well known DJ Management company called Voxdjs and began working with them. VoxDjs was a crucial factor to Kara’s growth as a DJ and MC. Three years with them she was able to gain significant professional experience, work with high end clients, and learn the ins and outs of the craft. To this date Kara has Djed over 100 weddings, 200 private event, and has developed a strong reputation in the event industry.

Now, Kara is not looking back! She is focused growth and development of her business, while staying dedicated to the fullfilling craft of DJing.