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DJane name KALI

Country United States


KALI Biography

Kalis’ proclivity for music was birthed from her upbringing in Mexico and in Americas Finest City of San Diego. Musical influences abounded throughout her childhood it was the way she connected with her older siblings and her mother kept the house filled with sounds of iconic music bands to which she would be found frolicking away entertaining her family.

The love affair with House Music began after a long night of dancing to Frankie Knuckles along with the house community’s good vibes; which practiced love, equality and respect. Both played a significant role in fueling her passion for this genre of music.

Over the past ten years, Kali has been traveling around the world exploring the different sounds of underground electronic music expanding her knowledge to help create her unique musical identity. The Isle of Ibiza, bassy influences of Hip Hop and diverse music festivals have all helped create in her an insatiable palate in music.

Kalis’ music can be best described as enchantingly dark, with sexy bass-focused rhythms and melodic techno, all fueled by the atmosphere of the night. Her DJ skills, charisma, positive vibes and contagious energy are helping her to quickly become a local legend as she majestically dips into every crevice of house music making for a total marathon.

Expect the unexpected from her set music choices which are beautifully curated with the ultimate goal of connecting with people on the dance floor. Kali has a keen sixth sense to turn dance floors into an intimate experience and is humbled to share her magic at any event.