#1064 in World
#20 in Russia

Djane info

DJane name KAIMEi

Real name Juliia Oginskaia

Country Russia


KAIMEi Biography

Dj KAIM€I was born in Russia. She has started her music carier in 2011 year in Russia Khabarovsk city. From first steps she falled in love with house and progressive house music. She was plaeyd in the biggest club in Khabarovsk named "VELICANO" and bar "CHOCOLATE". Also she has plaeyd in the cityes of far east of RUSSIA, like Komsomolsk in Amyre, Ugno-Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok.
2014 year Dj KAIM€I arrived to China Shenzhen city. From this year she started to like Electro House and Big Room. First three mounth in China she was travelling around Guandong Province with a Big Dj events. Intill 2015 year she had many clubs and bars in China, s Muse, LIV, SOHO, Evening show and Budweiser Company. Also she had a tours to Fhilippines and Thailand.
From 2016 she has started to write music. She falled in love with trance music. That was first steps in the produce carier with Uplifting Trance and Progressive trance.
2017 Dj KAIM€I has started spesial tunes of trance music, Trance Wawes Session, including Uplifting trance, Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive house.