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Dance music changed Julia Bliss’s life – now she’s returning the favour. Julia is a true DJ at heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of electronic dance music... same as Electronic / Nu-Disco, Deep/Tech House!

Julia Bliss:

Siberia’s house music talent, Julia Bliss has carved herself a career as a DJ through relentless hard work and passion, starting at the age of 15. Today Julia is an internationally recognised talent, whose taste for stripped back, sweat-on-the-ceiling dance music and her discerning ear for house music, possesses a growing production catalogue as she ascends amongst the electronic music ranks.

Everywhere she goes, her infectious energy, fearless personal style, deep love and understanding for music precedes her. With an amazingly crafted career that literally began behind the console, celebrity dj Julia floods the streets of India and beyond with her musical takeover. In every sphere of life and in every corner of the planet, there are people who have dared to push boundaries, just by believing in something new. Julia happens to be one of those chosen few. The love for the tunes was irreversible and even more elaborate growing up in a nightclub dynasty. Julia Bliss is one of those Rare Individuals that seems to understand the unwritten laws of the wild nightclub nature.

She keeps her ever-expanding, nocturnal following alert, ecstatic and craving for more attitude with remarkable precision and skill. Through her refreshing sound that is characterized by complex drum ensembles, daring synths and emotive chords.

Her techno alias, 'MISS BLISS' has seen herself into the High on the haven of tech-house and techno rebellion, the outlook is distinct but it’s hard to define the journey that Julia takes you through when she’s in control of the dance floor. She cannot be confined to a genre or slotted under a label. Her graceful command over her technique, coupled with her limitless libraries of sounds, puts her amongst the finest in the world.

2015 highlights Julia’s solid epoch on tour where she has performed at the most prestigious platforms in India - Sunburn, Supersonic, Mainstage Music festival. etc. She's also performed at some of the biggest and most respected clubs across India.

Besides, being a full time DJ, Julia Bliss is a businesswoman with her brand "Bliss Bags". Holidaying in Goa, four years ago, Julia was offered an irresistible job offer with a leading automobile brand in Mumbai and stayed back in India. However, the memories of her holiday in Goa still lingered in her memory, the lack of quality furnishings in particular. This spurred her on to take the first step towards improving this situation for her fellow tourists and quit her corporate job in 2013 to launch Bliss Bags – a high end brand of frameless furniture.

“India has always welcomed me with open arms and everyone here has been very friendly and helpful. India is a fast growing international business hub and with a lot of multinational companies setting shop here, it seemed ideal to venture into business in India,” says Julia.

Besides spinning music, Julia Bliss is also an actress-model, featured in quite a handful of movies. Julia Bliss has created the ultimate recipe for "House".

"House music is the best way of expression fo me. It's what I feel, It's what I breath and It's what I live" declared Julia. Thanks to her, it is set to grow even bigger and bolder as she continues to shape and share her vision of the “loving, amazing, ritualistic vibe” of dance music.