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Djane info


Real name Priyanka

Country India


JENNIFER Biography

So let me start by saying, I am a dj by profession and I love music. Along with it I started modelling with different designers and for reputed firms. It was Mechanika who inspired me to learn it djing..I followed my heart. ...
I believed in myself and I learned it from various local artists. Now I am a dj and had travelled more than 15cities and more than 50 clubs. I also played along various senior djs and also travelled international for gigs.
I live by high standards.I treat others the way I want to be treated..I understand how precious time is. ... I look for positivity in all things. ... I trust my intuition.
I have a few qualities which makes me a good choice for the show. Firstly I am an emotional person and I express them with a true sense of logic and expression of emotions make me quite an entertainer .I am confident and versatile so it's easy for me to fit into roles which I come across. I am smart enough to handle things with grace and dignity. My personality is sharp and blunt at the same time. Sharp enough to make an impression and blunt enough to take a stand.