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Since electro music begin strongly on the dancing music scene in Indonesia, specially in Jakarta,i was known how this music is very affected and very suitable for me to make some energizing sound and make many partygoers on club and lounge to enjoy the music ambience that ill make and played to reach a total satisfaction of the music experience.

On February 2009, when she has graduate from SPINACH DJ SCHOOL, JacQueLiNe start to be a DJ on many numerous party and event.

She has performed in some clubs in and out of Jakarta over 30 cities. She has been known traveling around Indonesia in many various cities sometimes even 3 cities in only a week. She has graced the deck in almost all the major clubs in Indonesia such as X2 Club, BibliotheQue, Immigrant, Kampus-Imperium, Centro The Club, Vertigo, Barcode in Jakarta; Amare, Embassy, Mansion Club in Bandung; Redboxx, Foreplay, The House in Surabaya; Centre Stage in Palembang; Blue eyes in Bali. Those are just a handful of club that she has performed in, and many event out of the club, like broadcast on TV Programs.

Not long after, she won many DJ competitions like, being 5th finalist Pioneer Female ProDJ Battle 2009, and 1st Runner Up DJ Combat for Global Auto Creation Javamix Orginizer 2009.

Now she has reach her next path of her career, she has become a resident DJ at two of the biggest clubs in Jakarta BIBLIOTHEQUE and KAMPUS.

She also shared the DJ Booth with many popular Djs in and out Indonesia which are Starford Brothers, DJ Chus, DJ Camilo Franko (Space Ibiza), DJ Philip Drumond (Ministry of Sound), Dash Berlin, Gabriel and Dresden, DJ Riri Mestica, DJ Miko Project M, DJ Romy 1945MF, DJ Bobby Stadium, and many other DJs.

JacQueLiNe future goals are want to be a famous and a legendary DJ which can make a party event to an unforgettable moment for many partygoers on the world especially in Indonesia.