#1688 in World
#63 in Italy
#609 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name IULIANA

Real name IULIANA

Country Italy


IULIANA Biography

IULIANA is a Moldavian Dj, singer and record producer of House, Bass House, Progressive and Electronic dance music, based in Milano and Amsterdam.

In 2015, IULIANA released her single “Flyin’ So High” by Pirames International, written and produced by Italian artist, and Iuliana herself.

In 2018 she started new collaboration with manager Florin Nedelcu (Live Artist Romania) and artist Zion Rock in a new single "Fire Flame", signed by major: Warner Music Group, Lanoy Production and The Orchard. "Fire Flame" is right now on TOP charts Shazam.

In 2020 you can check REMIX - BASKETBALL - Jean Marie ft Marta Sanchez, FLO RIDA (Peter Torre, TGuys, IULIANA - REMIX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!