#2007 in World
#54 in Italy
#681 in Europe

Djane info


Country Italy



Techno DJ & Producer.
Vocals Composer & Vocalist.

I am Italian, I was born in Milan where I currently live.
Since when I was a child I’ve always had a great passion for music. At the age of six I’ve started studying classical dance and playing the piano.

Later on I became passionate about pop, rock and dance music. I’ve been listening to a lot of it and I liked going to the concerts.

Still when I was very young I began to go to the nightclubs where I discovered house music. My other unmissable parties were the afterhours and raves organized in several locations in the north and central Italy, where I could also dance underground and techno music.
By going to those parties I always felt unique emotions, music was everything for me.

After living all those wonderful and unforgettable experiences, while I was at the University, I decided to get closer to the clubs by working as PR and events organizer. I worked in almost all the nightclubs in Milan collaborating with leading historical groups.
This closeness to the staff and the directors of those nights gave me the opportunity to meet many of the most famous DJs. Through their friendship I became passionate about their work, style and personality. The figure of the DJ has always inspired me and I’ve always imagined myself projected on those consoles.

The spectacular event that I will never forget is the Kraftwerk concert, the electronic music pioneers. Kraftwerk’s unique sound and their communicative art have totally blew me away.

My first holiday with friends was in the beloved Ibiza, the mythical destination for all artists and music lovers. Every year I go there and attend many of the most popular clubs.
This frequentation, has shown me the way to my musical genre, techno.

With my first trip to Berlin I got even closer to this wonderful genre. Listening to those more acid and hard sounds was fantastic, it opened my mind even more and inspired me new ideas. In Berlin it plays a unique, alternative, wonderful techno that I love infinitely.

With all the fantastic nights and all the DJ friends, I began to imagine doing this job thinking of it as a dream, a dream that I knew one day I would have realized.

However, in a later period, I’ve chosen to follow the road that more suited my studies, achieving an enormous successes and a splendid professional career in the world of fashion. All this between Milan, my city, and London, where I lived for 5 years, traveling throughout all England.

Reached the period of maximum creativity, realization and satisfaction in fashion, I felt that something important was missing deep inside of me.
Music and the image of me as a DJ have always remained in my heart and in my mind.
I love fashion, it is a constant in my life, but the trend of my soul will always be music.

Finally in 2018 I decided to enroll for the "DJ complete" course at the R12, electronic music academy in Milan.

I’ve been studying music history and theory, and I've learned the mixing techniques by using all the DJ tools and softwares.
In addition to DJing, I’ve started music production by working with Ableton and Maschine. I’ve attended the meetings and masterclasses, where I had the opportunity to get to know and interact with national and international artists including: DJs, producers and record labels. Some of the most famous artists I have met are: Kerri Chandler, Kenny Carpenter and Laurent Garnier.

My first experiences began with happy hours, friends parties and most of all private parties. I will continue playing in private parties with the aim for the future to perform in important clubs too, both in my city and all around Italy. I would also like to travel to be able to gain as many experiences as possible in the clubs abroad. Among my future projects, in addition to play around the world, there are also music production collaborations.