#719 in World
#53 in Australia
#59 in Australia and Oceania

Djane info


Real name Steph & Christine

Country Australia


Enduring and successful artists all know that change is inevitable and embrace metamorphosis for the future, and what better transformation than to join the forces of 2 creative and charismatic female artists and 1 mind blowing live element to create a sensory explosion of talent.
Indigo Starlight have harnessed their funky and fresh charisma as a surprise package to hit the nightclub scene. Drawing inspiration from numerous artists worldwide, these pocket rockets have always added a personalised touch to their performances using their repertoire of talents and knowledge in music.
Incorporating a Keytar into their sets, this hard working duo continue to uniquely showcase an element of live performance.

Leaving no stone unturned, these high energy performers have managed to capture a wide audience by incorporating many genres into their performances while staying true to their passion for dance music.
This multi-talented duo has built an enthusiastic following having toured Internationally throughout China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and New Zealand, and are returning artists to international festivals Its the Ship Singapore and Ultra Australia. These ladies are also no strangers to some of Australia’s most prestigious and popular nightclubs including The Ivy, Marquee Sydney, Lucky Thursdays, Light at Crown, The Argyle and Black Bull to name a few. The musical edification of Indigo Starlight is set to take over the scene with their captivating flair that will leave you lovers of dance begging for more.