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DJane name HYDRAH

Country United States


HYDRAH Biography

Hydrah is a Los Angeles based electronic music producer, composer, and singer. Her background has manifested into intricate compositions that synthesize orchestral-inspired melodies atop heavy driving bass lines, led by powerfully indelible vocals.

The juxtaposition of organic and electronic is the backbone of Hydrah's music. In the past she has showcased her love for the ocean by incorporating sonic sounds from environments such as coral reefs and kelp forests in her 2017 EP “Siren”. Her next EP titled “Nostos” is an ancient Greek theme that means a homecoming after a long journey significant enough to transform a person. This theme is fitting as Hydrah returned to her roots to write the EP in her hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Continuing with her theme of incorporating sounds of nature and environmental messaging into her music, she has included recordings of her favorite parks in Minneapolis as well as her favorite childhood animal calls.

To showcase her organic-electronic sound, Hydrah prefers to transpose her tracks and perform with live instruments and live vocals whenever possible. She is currently designing a high energy set catered to the club environment where she will compose dance pieces live and feature the melodic house and techno inspired tracks off of her upcoming EP “Nostos.”

For Hydrah, there is no longer a push and pull between competing aspirations. She has recently been named an ambassador for Oceanic Global and her purpose of using her compositions to honor and preserve the natural word — her very own path — is refreshingly clear.