#1374 in World
#12 in Portugal

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DJane name HELEN B

Country Portugal


HELEN B Biography

HELEN B is a new name of the international DJing scene. She possesses a deep knowledge of the European nightlife and has initiated her professional career in the field as an agent representing artists of worldwide fame. Her profound musical knowledge, her angel-like image and presentation, which can also exert a bold approach, and the fact that she has accompanied several artists and performers throughout her career as an agent were the necessary ingredients to start her career as a DJ. From Kiev to the entire world, HELEN B is a name automatically and immediately associated with the house musical style in all of its ramifications.
HELEN B possesses musical training acquired in Kiev, and has learned further during her career and experience with Portuguese and Spanish DJs and producers. She does not hide her love for Europe and for the Iberian Peninsula in particular.
Much more than a simple pretty face, Helen is a woman who knows how to behave as a DJ, and possesses an acute sense of the dancing fields, which enables her to be completely and absolutely relaxed when dealing with the nightlife, delivering content of the utmost quality.