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Real name Tierra

Country United States



DJ Full Xposure originally moved to Los Angelos to pursue acting. That was it. Her main purpose. Full Xposure never saw herself getting into Music especially music producing and DJing. DJ Full Xposure remembers, she was on set of a tv show and met this girl that was a DJ at the time with her twin sister. As time went on, Full Xposure always saw her downloading and queuing new music for her DJ sets during our downtime on set. Now, around the same time, Full Xposure had been music producing a little but with acting and being on sets, she could not put as much time as she wanted into it. However, Full Xposure’s heart still yearned to do something in music. One day it struck her to ask her friend that she had met if she would teach Full Xposure how to DJ. She immediately responded then her and her twin sister took DJ Full Xposure under their wings.

Furthermore, what she exactly told Full Xposure was “ Hey, I talked to my sister and we have an event coming up in three weeks. If you are comfortable, you can open and do a 1 hour set for the event!” With no hesitation, and not even the slightest idea of how to DJ, she accepted the offer. So for those following three weeks, DJ Full Xposure downloaded a ton of music, started queuing it and practiced with the twins as much as she could! But the time the three weeks had passed and it was time for the event, she was nervous as hell but history was made that night.

That night she became DJ Full Xposure.

Having the chance to DJ is also one of her greatest joys, with getting the opportunity to guest DJ for a show on Dash Radio called Another Dirty Night Radio. Additionally, DJ Full Xposure got to be a resident DJ for another shows that air on Dash Radio called Thirty1Cents with the host Guy Torry. Recently, Full Xposure hosted her own morning radio show called "Music Xposed" on a digital platform known as Ethel’s Club. Full Xposure, continues to play at venues and events in and throughout the los Angeles area with the hope of expanding internationally while working with top brands.