#1388 in World
#6 in Hungary
#427 in Europe
FLOWER aka Virag Voksan

Djane info

DJane name FLOWER aka Virag Voksan

Country Hungary


FLOWER aka Virag Voksan Biography

When it comes to music, Flower shows no mercy. Socialized in the most famous clubs of Budapest, her set’s essence is a fine blend of vocal-based electro, house and disco, sometimes twisted with a massive bass-line from the techno-era. However her performances are also visual: show-like, spectacular and very much audience focussed, that she regards as a very important factor besides her professional mixing technique and quality music.

She’s been spinning with music since she was a teen. She fell in love with rhythm, so while her fellow models do mirror checks, she’s browsing the net searching for new sounds. She’s been playing since 9 years now in the best clubs all over the world.

Coming from the beauty industry, and being a girl in this profession, it’s clear for her that she has to prove twice as much as a normal DJ to convince the doubters. Still have doubts? Check her and feel the Flower-power in the world’s most famous clubs and venues!